Turn communication into operational wisdom.

Win the loyalty of your organization.

Build a company culture

A managed communication improves the speed and quality of answers given by employees.

The knowledge is a tool

All the information shared by employees is centralized, updated and always accessible.

Develop internal mentorship

Your corporate communication system becomes a leverage of your Strategy.

Turn your communication into operational wisdom

This corporate social networking tool is exclusively designed to facilitate all communication inside organizations by limiting Email constraints. The members of a Sereniis instance collaborate and create organic knowledge captured through their discussions.

You need to keep track of your knowledge

Internal emails are slowing down the exchange of valuable information in your organization.

You don't want to invest in infrastructure

Your knowledge should be confidential and always accessible to your employees, from anywhere.

You only have time for quick and easy Services

Sereniis is very easy to set up and requires very little training.

You want a flawless start

The organization processes does not need to be adapted to Sereniis.