Sereniis is a confidential communication platform only accessible to the authorized members of an organization.
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Managed Communication is a style of communication where members are influenced by the tool to build knowledge according to business needs.
  • The discussion topics are pre-defined according to these needs. For instance, they can make strategy keywords visible all the time.
  • Managers can be appointed in the system to monitor and moderate discussions
  • Information can be corrected anytime
Whereas SharePoint is a very complete toolbox where an IT department can develop features according to specific needs, Sereniis is a simple communication tool, designed to be intuitive and efficient for a simple purpose: enhancing knowledge management and internal mentorship.
Unlike SharePoint, Sereniis is immediately operational and does not require technical maintenance.
A discussion cluster is created by an association of filters: a site -for example "Vancouver", a department -for example "Human Resources" and a discussion topic -for example "Question". In this example, the cluster will provide a space for members to list questions relative to Human Resources in Vancouver.
Sereniis influences discussions by proposing communication clusters relevant to the members and to the management team.
Sereniis is very simple to set up. Our consultant will request specific information relative to your organization, create the environment and send you the initial password.
The most important aspect is to define the communication objectives. From this analysis, the consultant will assist you to determine which filters your Sereniis environment need.
Like in any social network, your organization will require at least one administrator to maintain the list of authorized members.
Depending of the confidentiality of some discussion topics, it is possible to appoint moderators who will validate posts before they are published.
There are no technical requirements for an organization using Sereniis. However, members all need a computer with Internet access.
Google Chrome is recommened to improve the Sereniis experience. The screen should be wider than 974px in resolution (equivalent to an iPad).
Sereniis ambition is to change the status-quo within organizations. Members of these organizations will still require traditional means to communicate with people outside of their Sereniis instance.
It is possible to invite visitors in Sereniis if their members need to interact with them regularly. Visitors don't access all the publications, but only those accessible in defined groups of members. That way, the organization discussions remain confidential all the time.
Absolutelly! A blog is a public communication vector, on which your organization publishes static subjects.
Sereniis is a confidential environment where authorized members can discuss predefined topics. A Sereniis instance is a very good addition to the blog, by allowing members to discover and to explore subjects which can be reused on the blog.
No, Sereniis is a confidential communication platform where only authorized members can publish and interact with the information.