Creating Value

The explosion of Email as a communication tool in businesses has had the unintentional impact of reducing organizational productivity and creating a system burden. At Sereniis, we believe that it is possible to reduce the use of Email in order to improve productivity and resource utilization.

The Sereniis Corporate Networking Tool offers organizations a new way of communicating internally. Inspired by social networks, this innovative communication engine allows employees and key players to share information, work on projects together and exchange without being influenced by the burden of Emails.

Gaining on cooperation time

A professional social network will save up to 25% of time, that your employees can dedicate instead to increasing productivity.

Creating a knowledge database

We've all experienced the sudden departure of an employee. As well as losing a colleague, the company is losing strategic information. What happens to all their Emails, received and sent files, and other valuable information which are part of the global knowledge of your Company?

One of the first immediate effects of the Sereniis Corporate Networking Tool is to make all knowledge more visible and easier to share. All information which is important to an employee might be strategic for another.

Build a company Culture

Sereniis help members cooperating better when they are located in different places, although share the same need of knowledge.

Influence discussions

Sereniis sorts all discussions within adjustable filter tags. Members can filter posts to immediately access a cluster relevant to their activity in the organization. Moreover, these filters will influence discussions by proposing topics relevant to the business and visible all the time.

Develop internal mentorship

The Y generation is looking for mentor relationships rather than traditional management. Managed communication is a very efficient way to create mentorship within teams. Sereniis becomes the place where to ask for an advice and to share the best practice to all.

Employee Engagement and Strategy

Technology may be a constraint to businesses. A lot of currently used systems are out-dated and bring more slow-downs than real benefits.

Sereniis is challenging this Status-quo by offering a simple and efficient tool to really participate in the achievement of a Strategy.

Making the most of your Human Capital

As new generations enter the workforce, Employees and Management alike will increasingly ask for powerful tools to network, stay in touch and share information.

Social networks –beyond their natural ability to support communication– will help your organization to connect employees who have questions with those who have answers.

Enabling your strategy with technology

Instead of a simple communication tool, Organizations require an intelligent process to assist them in improving corporate connectivity and effective collaboration.

Using a social network instead of Emails leads to freeing users from technical constraints, as well as achieving Strategic operations by integrating them into a day-to-day tool.

Getting Started with Sereniis Private Social Network

Low subscription rates

The access price is based on the number of users.

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Want a demonstration?

Demonstration environments can be set up and adapted to your needs.

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Quick access after subscription

A setup process has been created to provide you with the most adapted service. Information is collected to adapt the Network to your company and training is provided to your main users.

Your employees will rapidly be able to start interacting and using the full potential of the Sereniis Networking Tool.


The Tool can be adapted to fit with your environment and business requirements.

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